In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. –John Muir

Growing up in the woods of Northern Wisconsin, much of my childhood was spent discovering nature. I have a particularly vivid memory of studying the unfurling coils of a fiddlehead fern, and finding the mystery and beauty of this event to be a moving experience. I have always been intrigued by the strange yet familiar aspects of the natural world, and the relationships between these elements and unknown forces that bring them to life.

In my drawings and canvas paintings I seek to reveal the hidden, energetic interactions between flora and the surroundings they inhabit. Abstracted plant life emits ethereal and luminous forms that transcend our notions of natural phenomena. The viewer is often transported into a realm where pure essence radiates from bulbous pods and reaching petals, whispering a private invitation to the moment. It is my hope that the viewer will connect with the intimacy of the event unfolding before their eyes.

Prime EffusionFlowMaterializationEarly signs of the continuumLetting the Peripheral GoConsidering EmergenceFormationThe Thread RemainsEmanationsConnecting BreathSearching the Landscape of the UnknownEmerge, Withdraw, RepeatUniversal EssenceFrom out of the depthsRevelations of the Deep WoodsSeeing beyond the familiar glanceThe attentive observation of a secret knowingA quiet discoveryContemplating the multiplicity of events occurring in and around this one floretAltering my perception of what is realUnknown Territory: Even NowUnknown Territory: The Initial GlimpseUnknown Territory: Moving In for a Closer LookUnknown Territory: Uncertainty RemainsSeeing things in a new lightSecret of the SequoiaCarefully watching these early interactionsBeginning to find comfort in this liminal spaceBeginning to understand the influence of consciousnessDirected intention makes its way into the worldEverything else begins to fade awayTalking myself into believing it's trueThe intricate nature of reality seems less overwhelming when I just breatheWhat's the difference between here and there?Emerging in the PresentRealizing the impact of one focused breathOnly the unfamiliar is strangeLily Nebula (newly discovered)Is it unlikely that an underwater galaxy would be shooting out of the mouth of a jellyfish?A previously unseen transition